Benefits of using Digital Mailroom by Hugh Symons


Retail companies, energy firms and customer services departments in organisations including British Gas, EON, Merlin Entertainment, and Gatwick Airport depend on services provided by Hugh Symons to deliver secure, compliant, high-quality, best-cost solutions.


We provide the following benefits for retail and commercial sector providers:


  • Reduced operating costs and increased efficiency and output
  • Improved compliance through tighter control of data, including access rights and auditing
  • Supports the consolidation of multi-geographic branches and offices into a single hub
  • Better customer service through improved internal access to shared data
  • Improved audit and control of data including access rights
  • Integration of digital mailroom into back-office systems
  • Enhanced opportunities for agile, flexible working including remote access


More than a million
items scanned per day

Digital Mailroom

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